Tips to ease your pain until you can get to your chiropractor:
Note:  These tips should not be used in place of seeing a doctor.  If performing any of these tips increases discomfort or symptoms, discontinue immediately.  If you are pregnant, consult your doctor before trying any of these tricks.
Moist Heat:  If the muscles around your area of pain are tight, applying moist heat is helpful.  If you don't have a moist heat pack,  fold up a towel that you've lightly moistened and microwave it.  (To avoid burns, microwave in 30 second intervals so you can test the heat.)  Soaking in a spa/jacuzzi for 15-20 minutes is another great way to incorporate moist heat.
Ice:  Following an injury, the area might feel swollen.  Applying ice for 15 minutes can help reduce the inflammation and discomfort.  Do not apply ice directly to skin.  Wrap the ice in a thin towel to prevent irritation to skin.
Stretching:  Listed below are some stretching suggestions you can use to loosen an area with pain.  If any of these stretches cause pain or numbness, stop immediately.  Do not bounce when you stretch, just slowly pull your body into a comfortable position.
Neck:  While sitting or standing up straight, slowly and gently lower your ear towards your shoulder while lowering your shoulders  Hold for 5 seconds.  Repeat several times through the day.
Shoulders/Upper Back Tip 1:  Stand with your toes about 1 inch outside of a door frame.  Place your hands on the door frame at shoulder height. While bending your arms, lean through the doorway.  Hold for 5 seconds.  Repeat several times through the day.
Upper/Mid Back:  Roll up a towel or small blanket.  Lie flat on the floor.  Place the roll under your back, slightly lower than the level of your heart.  Allow the shoulders to fall back to the ground and your chest to stretch up.
Low Back Tip 1:  Roll up a towel or small blanket.   Lie on floor.  Place the roll in the low part of your back (in the area that starts to curve away from the ground.  You can bend your knees or keep your legs flat, which ever gives you the most relief.
Low Back Tip 2:  While lying on your back, gently bend one knee and with both hands around the knee, slowly pull the knee towards your chest.
Tight Muscles in Back:  Place a rubber ball or Nerf ball (anything that isn't so hard that you can't relax) in the area that hurts.  Breathe slowly and try to relax.  After about a minute, move the ball about a half inch in another direction until you find another sore spot.   Use a small rubber ball about the size of a golf ball for shoulder blade area.  You'll need something a little bigger to get the top of the shoulders, low back, buttocks, thighs.  Use the smaller balls under your feet and calves.  If doing this causes you to tense up, only lie on it for one breath at a time.  You want to be able to loosen up the muscle, not cause more tightening.
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